What Are Your Rights As An Employee With A Disability?

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Care Corner

Employees with disabilities should be aware of their rights in the workplace. This includes understanding what types of accommodations they are legally entitled to, as well as how to handle any discrimination or harassment they may experience. Employees with disabilities should be empowered to speak up for their rights and get the support they need to succeed in the workplace!

Employees with disabilities have the right to ask for reasonable accommodations in order to perform their job duties.

This can include anything from special computer equipment, modified workstations, devices or tools that make tasks easier, additional breaks, and more. Employees have the right to request these accommodations without fear of retribution. Employers must work with employees on a case-by-case basis to determine what accommodations are necessary.

Employees with disabilities also have the right to be free from discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

This includes protection against being treated differently due to a disability, as well as protection against offensive comments or jokes related to a disability. If an employee experiences any form of discrimination or harassment, they should report it to the appropriate person or department at their job.

Employees with disabilities have the right to a safe workplace and should be provided with any necessary assistance or equipment needed in order to do their job safely.

This includes physical adaptations such as wheelchair ramps and special seating arrangements, as well as access to emergency services and facilities maintenance that meets their needs.

Employees with disabilities should also be aware of their rights to privacy when it comes to discussing health issues and medical information in the workplace.

Employers must keep all medical information confidential, including any requests for reasonable accommodations.

Employees with disabilities should feel empowered and supported in the workplace.

They should know that they have the right to ask for reasonable accommodations, report discrimination or harassment, receive assistance with safety protocols, and keep their medical information private. With these rights in mind, employees with disabilities can work towards achieving success in their employment.

The above information is intended to provide general information and should not be considered legal advice. Please consult a qualified attorney if you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights as an employee with a disability. Legal counsel can help ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided, discrimination or harassment is addressed, and other rights are protected. It is important to remember that employees with disabilities have the right to a safe and inclusive work environment. By knowing your rights, you can ensure you get the support you need to succeed in the workplace!




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