Cornucopia Inc. focuses on protecting the rights of employment for persons living with disabilities across the nation. We also keep our international audience informed about the various issues the disabled face in the workplace setting.

Many legislations govern inclusion in the workplace. However, people living with disabilities are still unable to access the same level of employment opportunities as those without disabilities.

Sometimes, this is attributed to employers harboring negative views about work-related abilities of people with disabilities. Other times, this occurs because people with disabilities aren’t empowered enough to take up available positions.

Our organization was started to help end this cycle. We train people with disabilities on different skills to make them more competitive at the workplace.   We also prepare them for job placements and enhance their job seeking skills. Additionally, we educate them on their rights as persons living with disabilities.

“The worst thing about a disability is that people see it before they see you.” – Easter Seals. We intend to completely change this by allowing people with disabilities to become employable. This would help the society to start seeing them as they see other people without disabilities.

We are led by the following aims and objectives to achieve our vision.

  • Matching our services to the needs of the people in the areas that we are serving.
  • Working in collaboration with other people with disability organizations to strengthen and protect the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Matching our services to global trends and changes brought about by technology and the internet. A good example includes work from home opportunities.

Latest Articles & Updates

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What Are Your Rights As An Employee With A Disability?

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What Rights Do Employees with Disabilities Have?

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What Is The Americans With Disabilities Act?

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