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Community Based Training

Target Training Program

The Target store in University Heights, Ohio (map) is providing vocational training participants with a unique opportunity by hosting Cornucopia's vocational training program. Like all of our programs, Target serves people with a wide rage of disabilities. Individuals referred to Target have visual and cognitive impairments, mental health disorders, mobility issues, as well as other disabilities.

Real-Work Job Skills

Trainees work side-by-side with Cornucopia and Target staff members in a variety of aspects within the large scale retail setting. In close coordination with Target staff members, trainees strive to meet the standards of the Target work force in terms of work speed, quality, cooperative interactions, and attendance.

Work Experience

During the average 8-12 week program, and based on individual goals, trainees experience a large variety of job duties including maintaining product displays, stocking, cart retrieval, and customer service. Experience in this program can prepare individuals for placement into a variety of positions.

Job Placement

Trainees who meet their goals and successfully complete their vocational training program at Target are in a prime position to be hired by Target should an appropriate position be available. Although this program can prepare someone for working in a retail setting, job placement is conducted based on customized goals.

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