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Vocational Program Success Story



Wylean, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Wylean was referred to Cornucopia's Target program by the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation to fine-tune her cashiering speed and accuracy, and to sharpen her customer service skills. While at Target, she focused her training with Cornucopia Case Manager, Stephanie Harriott, in "softlines" and cashiering. Following a successful three-month training period, Wylean worked with Cornucopia Employment Specialist, Jerry Karlin to polish up her interviewing skills and complete job applications at a number of places.


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Wylean was offered a cashiering job at Target in June 2005. She has been working there ever since! Wylean's main responsibilities include cash register sales, cleaning the sales area, moving merchandise to stock aisles, and customer service. She works 20 - 30 hours per week and has excellent attendance. Target has come to rely on Wylean's dependability and the customers there look forward to Wylean's bright smile and courteous customer service.