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Vocational Program Success Story



Sylvanus, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Sylvanus was referred to Cornucopia's Target program by his counselor at the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. He worked closely with Cornucopia's Case Manager, Stephanie Herriott, to improve his stamina, sharpen his work skills, and develop his communication skills. Sylvanus has a long-standing relationship with Cornucopia as he has participated in other training and employment opportunities through Cornucopia over the past several years. Upon completion of the Target training program, Sylvanus connected with Employment Specialist, Jerry Karlin, to work on his job interviewing skills and how to complete applications for employment.


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Target was impressed with Sylvanus' work skills from observing him during the program and he was asked to come in for an interview. Shortly thereafter Sylvanus was offered a position and hired as a cart attendant. His main job responsibilities include maintaining the parking lot free of shopping carts and debris, upkeep of public areas, and guest services. Sylvanus works 20 - 30 hours per week. He now has the most seniority of all the cart attendants and helps to train the new hires in that position. During the course of the two years he has been at Target, Sylvanus has worked hard to improve his productivity by finding ways to do his job more effectively. He has proven himself to be a valuable Target team member. Congratulations Sylvanus on a fine job!