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Vocational Program Success Story



Sharif, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Sharif first came to Cornucopia in 2009 through a high school Summer Work Experience where he worked alongside a job coach at Nature’s Bin and learned many of the same jobs as the adult trainees including packaging, cleaning, stocking shelves and bagging groceries for customers. After graduating from high school, Sharif wanted to try out some other kinds of jobs so he returned for a one-week Situational Assessment at Nature’s Bin and then gave Cornucopia’s Work Adjustment Program within Eliza Jennings Senior Care Home a try. There he learned jobs within the housekeeping and food service departments. Sharif’s goal was to develop and improve his work speed/quality, communication skills, ability to work independently and stamina. He had the opportunity to learn many new kinds of job skills but he likes housekeeping work the best.


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Sharif completed his training a Eliza Jennings in May 2011 and within three days was hired as an employee of Eliza Jennings. He is scheduled about 15 hours a week as a Food Service Worker. He completes set-ups for meals including place settings at tables, serving meals and providing beverages for residents; and he prepares and delivers meal trays to residents who aren’t able to come to the dining rooms. He also busses and transports dishes to the kitchen where he runs them through the dishwasher. “Sharif is a hard worker and has gained a reputation as being very reliable,” commented Cornucopia Case Manager, Daniel Moga. “The management staff in the Food Service Department have observed Sharif’s work and realize how much he has grown in this skills. They know that he is willing to work extra shifts if they need him and his supervisors appreciate his dedication.” Congratulations, Sharif on becoming an important part of the Eliza Jennings Food Service Department team!