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Vocational Program Success Story



Sarah, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Sarah was referred to Cornucopia's placement services by the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation to obtain assistance with securing a position in the hospitality industry. Sarah had been employed for several years at a local nursing home in dietary services and was interested in finding a position that would offer some additional work experience, working hours, and benefits.


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Sarah worked with Cornucopia Program Director Ronda Saleem-Mohammad to fine tune her job-seeking and interviewing skills and began contacting a number of potential employers that seemed like a good fit. Within a short time, Sarah was offered a position at Dave & Buster's. Sarah works in the laundry area and helps with stocking food products for the kitchen. The atmosphere at Dave & Buster's is fun and welcoming for both guests and employees alike. It is this kind of work environment that has kept Sarah there for over four years now. Sarah's willingness to work hard and be a trusted reliable team member has made her a valuable employee to Dave & Buster's, as well. Sarah works about 25 hours per week and is always eager to fill in when additional help is needed. She says that what she likes best about her job is interacting with her co-workers. Sarah also attends classes at Tri-C. Congratulations Sarah on your fourth Anniversary at Dave & Buster's and all the best for many more successes!