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Vocational Program Success Story



Natalie, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Natalie was referred to Nature's Bin by the County Board of MR/DD. After completing a two week assessment, Natalie began a work adjustment training program with Cornucopia Case Manager, Sandy Gross. Much of Natalie's work centered on packaging products for the grocery and produce departments. She learned to package products, heat seal, label, and stock. If there was difficulty in doing any of the tasks Natalie would work on the skill at home with her mother and managed to master every step that was difficult for her.


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Bagging groceries for customers was Natalie's favorite job. She enjoys people, and her engaging personality made her a welcome addition to every department. Natalie always had a smile on her face and never seemed to have a bad day. After seven months of training, Natalie began work in a CCBMR/DD enclave at Oatey, a company that manufactures products for the plumbing industry. Natalie packages parts into boxes and uses a tape gun to seal them. Natalie is a high energy person! Besides her work at Oatey, she works three evenings a week at Burger King, and helps with a paper route. Natalie also plays keyboard with her family's band. Well done Natalie!