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Vocational Program Success Story



Levar, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Levar was referred to Nature's Bin by his counselor at the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. After completing a one-week assessment, Levar worked with Cornucopia Case Manager, Sandy Gross, to improve his communication skills and his ability to work independently. After graduating from the Work Adjustment program at Nature's Bin, Levar worked with Employment Specialist, Jerry Karlin, to practice interviewing skills and prepare his resume for his job search.


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Levar and Jerry put together a list of potential employers that would fit well with his interests, strengths, and qualifications; and began applying for jobs. Within a few months, Levar landed a position at the former Wild Oats, now Whole Foods. Levar is a maintenance worker. He performs general cleaning duties in and outside the store and has developed a keen eye for the details that are important for this job. In addition he retrieves shopping carts and provides customer assistance. He works more than 30 hours per week, always with a "can do" attitude and a smile! Levar enjoys his work and with the number of hours he works, he is eligible for benefits. Levar is a very dependable employee and is well liked by co-workers, management, and customers. Congratulations, Levar, on over two years of successful employment!