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Vocational Program Success Story



Jackie, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Jackie first came to Nature’s Bin in early 2009. After two months of training she moved on to the Just a Buck store in Parma. Jackie returned to Nature’s Bin in August 2009 and continues to participate in an extended work adjustment position in the training program.

During the past two years, the staff a Nature’s Bin has discovered that Jackie has gifts and talents that are a tremendous help in the retail store. There is no staff or trainee who can “face” a retail shelf like Jackie. She has a spatial ability that lets her make every row straight and perfectly spaced. When Jackie faces shelves it is almost like a work of art. In fact, when Jackie was at Just a Buck she was asked to set up the spice rack. It was done so well that Just a Buck personnel took pictures and sent them to other stores to show staff how the rack should look. At Nature’s Bin, two of Jackie’s main responsibilities are to “face” shelves and check expiration dates. Another area of tremendous growth for Jackie is her ability to work around people. Over the past two years she has learned to answer questions and respond to difficult situations well. Jackie is very thoughtful to her co-workers, and we all enjoy her unique sense of humor.


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When asked why she likes Nature’s Bin, Jackie said “because it feels like home.” Jackie’s favorite department to work in is HBA. The staff members in this department have given a great deal of one-on-one attention to Jackie and are a big reason for her success. Jackie’s work quality is 100% and the case manager really counts on her when there is a difficult job to be done. Congratulations, Jackie on a job well done!