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Vocational Program Success Story



Glenn, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Glenn was referred to Cornucopia's Target program by the County Board of MR/DD to increase his stamina, dependability, and to improve his customer service skills. While at Target, Glenn completed a work adjustment program with Cornucopia Case Manager, Stephanie Harriott, and learned the skills he needed to be successful at stocking, zoning, straightening, and helping guests. After achieving his training goals, Glenn worked with Cornucopia Employment Specialist, Jerry Karlin, to find a job in the community.


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Glenn put in applications at several places and, following a positive interview, was offered a job as a day porter by Chartwell Management Company at the historic Old Arcade in Cleveland. Glenn has a variety of responsibilities in this position including maintaining the cleanliness and neat appearance of all the tables and chairs in the Arcade lobby and food court areas. He busses the food court areas during the busy lunch rush. He gathers trays, cleans them, and returns them to the restaurant counters. He is also responsible for the cleanliness of the restrooms as well as keeping them fully supplied. Glenn is a valuable and dependable team member with an excellent attendance record. He maintains a busy part-time schedule and earns a paid vacation. Glenn has been in this position since August 2006. Congratulations Glenn!