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Vocational Program Success Story



Christine, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Christine was referred to Nature's Bin Work Adjustment through referral from the County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. After being employed as a housekeeping aide in a nursing home for over 15 years Christine was ready for a change and in need of a transitional work adjustment period. Participating in the Work Adjustment Program, with oversight by Cornucopia Case Manager, Sandy Gross, gave Christine the opportunity to gain some varied work experience, expand her work and organizational skills, and improve her people and communication skills.


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After completing the program and with renewed self-confidence, Christine was ready to look for employment. Christine was successful in obtaining a job at a McDonald's restaurant near her home and has been employed there for over a year now. Christine works as a dining room attendant, making sure the kitchen food supplies are stocked, the restaurant is clean and supplies are full. Christine's favorite part of her job is washing dishes. Cornucopia Employment Specialist Daniel Moga regularly follows up with Christine to ensure that both Christine and her employer are content with the work being performed. Christine works 20 hours per week and has an excellent attendance record. Her supervisor at McDonald's has been very pleased with Christine's great work ethic and reliability. Congratulations Christine on a job well done!