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Vocational Program Success Story

Amy K.


Amy, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Amy was referred to Nature’s Bin by the County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities for work adjustment, shortly after graduating high school. Amy worked with Cornucopia Case Manager, Sandy Gross, to improve her work speed, her ability to work independently, and her communication and coping skills. Amy's work focuses on packaging and pricing of bulk food items. She has faced her challenges head on and has made many strides in her work and her level of confidence. Amy has served as a great mentor to her peers in the program by offering them assistance, information, and encouragement. “One of Amy’s gifts is that she makes new trainees feel comfortable and welcome when they start at Nature's Bin,” Sandy commented. “And she has really mastered the bulk food packaging jobs so she is able to teach new trainees how to do that job. It really has been great having Amy here in this role.”


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Amy is participating in a pilot program called “Extended Work Adjustment” designed for people who would benefit from the additional time to build self confidence. Amy has been at Nature's Bin for over three years and found that she was ready to expand her horizons by obtaining some additional vocational experiences. She sought out information from her vocational counselor at the County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities about potential job sites so she could make a good choice about work opportunities she might be interested in exploring. With many efforts and much patience, Amy was able to attain a long-term supported employment position at National City Bank. She performs clerical support duties and has recently received additional equipment that will enable her to do her job with even more ease and higher levels of productivity. Amy balances her position at the bank, with also working several days each week at Nature's Bin. Congratulations on these great accomplishments, Amy!