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Vocational Program Success Story



Amy, another Vocational Program Success Story.

Amy was referred to Nature's Bin by the County Board of MR/DD for a situational assessment after being employed at a local grocery store for 15 years. She was ready for a change of career. Following the assessment, Amy worked with Cornucopia Case Manager, Cheryl Sims, at Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network to improve her communication and organizational skills. After completing her program, Amy and Cornucopia Employment Specialist, Ariana Ranson, polished her job-seeking skills and began a search for a job in the community.


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Amy was successful in obtaining a job at Einstein Bagels and has been there for over a year. She does food prep, changes the coffee bins, and cleans up the tables and front end of the store. She also greets each customer and makes time to talk with everyone. Einstein wanted to bring friendlier employees onboard who really went out of their way to make it a more welcoming establishment. Amy has done an excellent job at Einstein's! Her outgoing and social personality and her willingness to work hard have impressed her coworkers and customers who look forward to Amy's friendly greetings. Congratulations Amy on your success and we wish you more of the same!