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For the Job Seeker or Referral Source

Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST)

JSST prepares participants for the complex, often intimidating process of seeking employment. Various topics are covered including: interviewing, completing job applications, and Methods for accessing the “hidden” job market. JSST is typically provided in a one-on-one format and varies in length according to the skill level and learning style of the participant.

Job Development & Follow Up

Cornucopia’s employment specialist works with the job seeker to create a profile of the jobs to be sought. During the job search the job seeker is given the level of support that he or she needs and wants. A detailed placement plan is developed that includes:

  • Participant expectations
  • Goals
  • Responsibilities

Job seekers meet regularly with the employment specialist to achieve a partnership and increase the efficiency of the job development process. Employment leads are generated through:

  • Local and National Employment Databases
  • Telephone Contacts
  • Local Employment Networking
  • The Internet
  • Visits to Potential Employers.

Follow-up and Job Coaching

During the 90-day follow-up phase, the employment specialist closely monitors progress and communicates frequently with both employer and employee. If a job coach is needed, the employment specialist coordinates this services and facilities communication among all parties involved.

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Cornucopia Employee Development Services for People with Disabilities are accredited by CARF, The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission.