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Cornucopia, Inc. Vocational Programs & Job Placement Services

Cornucopia Vocational Services

The purpose of Cornucopia’s vocational training programs and job placement services is to make a difference for each participant preparing him or her for the transition to employment in the community. All trainees, whether or not they complete their programs or find employment, learn something about themselves and about the world of work.

Cornucopia, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization providing one the most unique training programs in the area. Through our Vocational Services we provide Employment Services, Work Adjustment, Work Based Training, and Situational Assessments for people with disabilities:

  • Clients range in age from late-teens to mid-sixties.
  • Approximately 50% are from ethnic minorities.
  • Approximately 50% of people served have some form of developmental disability.
  • The remainder of those we serve have disabilities such as brain injury, mental health issues, orthopedic challenges, hearing or visual impairments.

The common thread among this diverse group is that all clients have a disability that represents a challenge to securing meaningful employment.

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Vocational Programs

Cornucopia offers work adjustment services in a variety of community-based settings. The purpose of work adjustment is to help participants develop work habits, attitudes, and skills that they will need to succeed in the competitive labor market. Areas of particular emphasis include:

  • Attendance and punctuality;
  • Social interactions;
  • Ability to follow directions;
  • Grooming;
  • Flexibility;
  • Work speed; and,
  • Work quality.

Work adjustment can also be used to evaluate a person’s potential for competitive employment and determine which areas of employment are best suited for the individual.

Cornucopia operates work adjustment programs in the following settings.  A Cornucopia case manager is on-site at each location working with trainees to develop work habits, attitudes, behaviors, and skills they will use in any competitive job.

  • Nature’s Bin, is a natural fresh foods market in Lakewood, Ohio which is operated by Cornucopia, Inc. It serves as a training site for a unique and successful program providing vocational training leading to employment for people with disabilities.
  • Cornucopia Vocational Training Center and commissary kitchen in Lakewood is owned and operated by Cornucopia, Inc. This site provides consumers with the ability to learn practical food-prep skills that will prove valuable as they seek employment in the food service industry in the community.
  • The Eliza Jennings Senior Care Home, a nursing care and assisted living center on Cleveland’s West Side hosts one of Cornucopia’s community-based vocational training programs for people with disabilities. Consumers learn skills in the dietary, laundry and housekeeping departments.
  • Jennings Center for Older Adults is a Catholic-based continuum of care campus for seniors that is located in Garfield Heights Ohio. This healthcare setting also provides opportunities to learn skills in the dietary, laundry and housekeeping departments.
  • Darice Wholesale Crafts in Strongsville, Ohio provides consumers with the opportunity to gain warehouse based experience and training.
  • T.J. Maxx stores in both Woodmere, Ohio and Brooklyn, Ohio host Cornucopia community-based programs. At these sites, consumers have the opportunity to learn stocking, pricing, ticketing, customer service and backroom operations in a large retail setting.

Cornucopia’s work adjustment programs last an average of 8-12 weeks but the duration varies based on the needs of the individual. Trainees in the Work Adjustment program, and consumers referred for situational assessment are paid minimum wage while participating in Cornucopia’s Programs. All work adjustment locations are staffed by full-time Cornucopia Case Managers who coordinate the programs and ensure that trainees are making progress toward their goals. Trainees graduate from the program upon achieving the majority of their goals. Cornucopia’s employment specialists and job coaches are available to assist graduates in finding and maintaining a good job match in the community.

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Cornucopia Employee Development Services for People with Disabilities are accredited by CARF, The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission.