About Us

Cornucopia Inc. is a non-profit organization having persons with disabilities at heart. We help people living with disabilities gain useful employment and successful integration into the workplace. We help them develop essential skills they need to secure employment in the current workforce.

Our organization is also dedicated to offering job placement and support services to help persons with disabilities secure their dream jobs like any other normal person.

Since 1975, we’ve been providing competitive, marketable and bespoke employment training for people with disability in the US. What started out as the dream of two people in a little storefront, named the Bin, has, over the years, turned out to be a success story.

At present, over 45 people with disabilities get trained each year. What sets our training apart from others in the industry is the real work learning environment we put trainees with disabilities through.

As they work at what’s now the Nature’s Bin, the trainees face real work challenges and gain experience in all aspects of retail. They get to work alongside our staff members who compassionately guide them through what they need to know.

After our training, trainees not only develop important skills, but they also leave with experience they can’t gain anywhere else. This boosts their resumes, making them more employable. They’re also able to develop interpersonal skills, communication skills and business skills during training.

Some trainees develop the confidence to start their own small enterprises where they make a living.

Our organization is not discriminatory in any way. We support people with disabilities regardless of their religious affiliations or race. We only care about people with disability and getting them into employment so they can make a living and achieve their American dream.




4683 Glory Road
Nashville, TN 37210