A Close Look at Workplace Policy for People with Disabilities

A workplace policy document on people with disabilities cushions them against any form of discrimination. It a detailed report with definitions and explanations- on technical terminologies- on how the specific company handles employees affected with physical and emotional disabilities.

As a company, you discuss how you handle your cases; but, it must be in line with the disability act for your country. In case you are an international company them the international law on disability overrides the local laws and regulations.

There are non-profit organizations committed to secure the plights of physically challenged in society. Their mandate is broad for they include support groups; workplace policy; outreach programs; capacity building and advocacy.

These are people that you have to nature to ensure they find value in living among people in society. This article focuses on what entails a workplace policy- disability option. How it should be drafted and the contents that must be included in line with the government policies.

The major parts of include

  • Definition
  • Areas of mandate
  • The type of disability
  • The benefits and gratuities in case the disability is from the job
  • Education
  • Promotions
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Definition

In the definition column, you need to specify what disability according to your organization is.

The areas to define include

  • Discrimination
  • Disability
  • Act
  • Any other technical terms

Once you have the definitions in place, you now move to the areas of the mandate. In simple terms, these are areas of legal considerations according to the Act. It clearly explains the steps one should take when they feel they are discriminated against.

In multinationals, there is the legal department that they are the first line of action to solve a dispute instead of rushing to the corridors of justice. Most workplace policy advocates for these channels and only uses the courts as the last option.

Imagine taking your employer to court, will you still have the guts to come back and work in the same environment? At this point, let the employee understand the channels of communication to avoid confusion and conflicts of interest.

  • The type of disability

This is a code of practice that gives a detailed account of any information relating to disability in the workplace. It defines the types of disability covered in the policy. This is just like a constitution such that no one can use it to circumnavigate the law.

An employee should know in case an entire wall crumbles down on them while on the job while spraying, what should they do?

  • Benefits and gratuities

This is the document that explains the role of the employer in case one gets disabled at the workplace. Moreover, it also guides employees who come on board with different types of disabilities.

How should they be handling it? What is the work ethics they are expected to uphold while in the workplace?

  • Education and training

You only deal with what you understand. The employer does not just throw the document for your consumption. This is a guiding tool lest you forget some of the issues you are expected to do after comprehensive training and capacity building.

The document indicates the areas that all employees need to take training on.

  • Duties and responsibilities

Once employed, you have to get a written document on what is expected of you in terms of work and general behavior. This is a crucial part of any workplace document. It has all the definitions and the chains of the command you are expected to follow to the latter. In case of disputes, it directs you on the next cause of action.

This is a document that is mostly between 30- 50 pages. It is detailed. You may look at it as a simple document but once you are faced with a legal battle. You will get to understand its importance. It is compared to an entire wall that covers the inner parts of a house.

A plain wall can accommodate all types of dirt but a painted wall prevents all manner of dirt getting through it. It is the same scenario with a workplace policy document.