4 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen appliance market is huge!

According to the Business Insider, the market segment will be worth about $112 billion by 2025. It takes the right kitchen equipment to meet employee needs and run a successful business.

The items are cost-effective to support non-governmental organizations working with persons with disability. With the ability to prepare, store and sell or consume food, kitchen appliances can influence the success of your business.

The right kitchen equipment for persons with disabilities can boost your business performance and employee productivity.

Equipment for Employees with Special Needs

The right aids and equipment support independent living. Whereas some support specific health needs, others aid with certain tasks.

Kitchen equipment help satisfy your employees’ personal needs.

Apart from investing in kitchen equipment for employees with special needs in the office, other equipment exist to boost employee performance. Other equipment include:

  • Continence pads
  • Hearing and vision aids
  • Colostomies’ appliances
  • Urinary catheters
  • Certain wound dressings
  • Mattresses and cushion for pressure relief
Other equipment for employees with specialized needs include:
  • Surgical appliances and artificial limbs
  • Vision and hearing aids
  • Walking aids and visibility
  • Communication walk-throughs

Depending on the health equipment in use for employees with disabilities, a specialist can refer patients for other services or equipment.

Top 4 Office Kitchen Appliances for Workers with Disabilities


Top quality refrigerator can help keep your food supplies in the office fresh. The appliance:

  • Increases the lifespan of your food items
  • Stops food ingredients from spoiling
  • Saves you money

Most persons with disabilities are usually on special diets, hence the need to have certain foods available in the office at all times.

The capacity and size of a refrigerator determines the right type to buy for your office or business. The more employees you have, the larger the size and capacity of a refrigerator you need.

You may also consider the number of customers you serve on a typical day if your business serves food to clients. Your employees will enjoy great convenience with reach-in refrigerators.


If you have a large team, opt for a walk-in cooler to serve the needs of your workers. Alternatively, merchandise or prep refrigerators with built-in countertops would serve the needs of your customers.

Ovens and Coffee Makers

Instead of buying bread for your workers, you can buy an oven to prepare them fresh, healthy baked foods at all times.

Consider convection or conventional ovens for a restaurant business. Conveyor, brick and deck ovens are ideal for preparing pizza for your staff or customers.

Choose an oven based on the type of foods you intend to bake and how fast you want your food ready.

Add a coffee maker to your office kitchen for your employees with special needs to prepare coffee every morning.

The best coffee makers have a large capacity and short brew times.


You need a perfect grill to prepare pancakes, steaks or burgers for your employees.

Restaurant businesses prepare all kinds of foods for both employees and customers. Consider griddles or flat-top grills that’ll allow for preparation of multiple or different servings simultaneously.

You don’t need large grills for a small team. Panini grills with lids are ideal for preparing Italian sandwiches. Teppanyaki griddles are specific for Japanese restaurants or dishes.

If you want to prepare a Mexican dish or run your business in Mexico, opt for tortilla grills.

Ice machines

Serving cold drinks in summer is inevitable. Consider buying an ice machine to ensure your employees have access to ice at all times.

Whenever an employee needs to serve a cold drink, they dispense ice directly into their drinks, a soda fountain or an ice bin.

What’s more, you can prepare blended smoothies, margaritas, and slushies with your ice machine.

Serving your workers food in the office ensures they work when satisfied, happy and energized.